The Ultimate Duel…

“Ha-huh, ha-huh, ha-huh.” I wake up in a pool of cold sweat, sweating like a pig as I prepare for that one day. Nerves fulfill me, and right now I can already taste the victory, I am determined to get there. For my nation, for my mates, for my family and the millions of people watching on the edge of their seat at home. Now is my time!

I must rise to the challenge, to be the best I can be, and absolutely crush the living daylights out of the opposition. I have been summoned by the Gods, and I will answer their call…

The extremely highly anticipated 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Final is literally only 29 hours away. After four years of hard work, putting in the extra yards at training, for two teams, for 22 players, and for two massive parties of support staff, it all comes down to this.

In the ultimate Trans-Tasman battle, Australia and New Zealand will eye off in what is to be the king pin of World Cup finals in a long time. And guess where it’s being played?

The Colosseum. In other words, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where 100,000 people will cram in, even if they have to retire their seat for a better view.

Or, in the times of the 70’s and 80’s, they will come even if they have to stand on a bunch of beer cans!

There is no missing this game. This match is going to be extremely intense, close and I am sure both teams will be working their backsides off to get their mitts on that silverware.

After handing out a 94 run smashing to the Indians on Thursday night, Australia are coming off extreme confidence, because that felt like a warm up game with the margin that decided the result.

New Zealand on the other hand, probably still have adrenaline pumping through their body and their heart beating at 100 miles an hour after that amazing show of hitting from Grant Elliott that saw them topple South Africa on Tuesday night, with only a ball to spare.

Both teams are in very good form. Last time these two played was at Eden Park about 3-4 weeks ago. On a cracker of a day, the Kiwis took 9-70 in a brilliant show of bowling from Trent Boult, which took Australia from 80-1, to 151 all out.

New Zealand then chased it down, with Kane Williamson hitting the winning six with only a wicket in the bank, after Mitchell Starc destroyed the Kiwi’s batting order.

While this game was a bit out of the ordinary, there was one thing that is regular for every game, and it was present in this game: A Brendon McCullum onslaught.

Brendon has arguably been the most exciting and dangerous player of this World Cup. His ability to take a game away from a team and destroy an attack is second to none. However, when he comes up against the likes of Mitchell Starc, Mitch Johnson and whoever Australia choose as their 3rd quick, boy will there be a contest.

On the massive Melbourne boundaries, McCullum might find it hard. But, then again, NO ground is too big for Brendon!

Let’s not forget about Martin Guptill. After hitting a spectacular 235* against the West Indies, he may play a big role too. And what about Tim Southee and Trent Boult. The deadly pair. The left-right arm combination.

But then when we look at Australia, we hover over Dave Warner and Aaron Finch, Finch coming off 84 against India. We go past Steve Smith, coming off a century against India. We then stop at Glenn Maxwell.

While Smith, Warner and Finch are absolutely vital to Australia’s success, I think Maxi is just as powerful as McCullum.

His 100 against Sri Lanka on the 8th of March, which was the fastest by an Aussie (51 balls), showcased his ability of mass destruction. Maxwell has all the shots, and all the skills.

We can then look at Michael Clarke and Shane Watson. Both extremely capable on their day. James Faulkner, can also take a game away in a click of a finger, Brad Haddin. The legend can still do the dirty work at age 37.

Mitchell Starc will play a massive role too, as will Mitch Johnson and Josh Hazlewood.

Ultimately, we are set up for a blinder of a game. This is not to be missed, and let me reaffirm, this match will not be forgotten. Regardless of who wins, this is probably the proudest moment for cricket, having two nations so close going at it 110%.

So, tune in to what will be the ultimate duel…

New Zealand united as one, reading for battle. Image: NDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images

New Zealand united as one, reading for battle. Image: NDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images



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